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Screenshots of Мобильный банк УРАЛСИБ
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
  • Mobile Bank URALSIB
Description of Мобильный банк УРАЛСИБ (from google play)

Uralsib Online is a banking application with modern logic and technologies for simple and convenient money management.

Control your cards and transactions, transfer money to family and friends, pay bills and taxes, repay loans or earn extra income while staying in comfort and safety. On the way, at work, on vacation - every day, here and now.

Application management
- Simple registration by card number
- Quick entry using PIN-code and biometrics
- Setting the visibility of products on the main screen
- Support for a dark theme
- Thoughtful menu and swipe control

Payment services
- Fast transfers by phone number and between cards of any banks
- No commission payment for mobile communications and the Internet, utilities, government and social charges
- Free replenishment of Uralsib debit cards from cards of other banks
- Connecting City cards and quick search by service providers

Convenient features
- Autosaving cards for repeated transfers
- Scanning QR codes in payment documents
- Autosearch of bills, taxes and traffic fines for fast payment
- Templates and auto payments for recurring and regular transactions
- Unified history of transactions with filters and end-to-end search
- Quick transition to your personal account for exchanging points URALSIB Bonus

Banking products 24/7
- Cards, accounts, deposits, loans, insurance - full client path online
- Opening, partial and full repayment of loans online
- Increased rates on savings accounts
- The best conversion rate at the bank

Support address mbank@uralsib.ru
See you in the online bank !

Version history Мобильный банк УРАЛСИБ
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 4.5.67
While everyone is figuring out poplar fluff, heat, June or July, we please you with an update :) The long-awaited Western Union transfers are back - everything as you asked!
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 4.4.66
Let's start the summer with an update :) Many internal and external reasons affect the daily operation of the application. In this update, we worked on the speed and stability of work, improved the forms of transfers and loan applications.
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 4.3.61
In some updates, we just make better what you are already using.
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 4.2.77
In some updates, we just do better what you are already using.
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 4.2.75
For credit card holders, we have changed the color of the card and added tips on the top-up form. The Uralsib bonus loyalty program can be connected from the section "About the card". Creation of templates and repeat operations are now available for transfers from card to card, as well as through the system of fast payments. We also added the possibility of international transfers in foreign currency via SWIFT. Enjoy spring and new update.
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 4.1.173
This is one of those updates that are needed to get everything working as it should.
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 2.112.13
In the new version of the mobile bank bugs are fixed, the application stability is increased, and the interface is also optimized.
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 2.112.12
Now it is possible to send transfers to other banks by phone number through the Fast Payments System (FPS)
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 2.112.1
In the new version of the mobile bank, bugs have been fixed, the stability of the application has been increased, and the interface has been optimized.
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 2.104.0
The new version of the mobile bank fixed errors, improved the stability of the application, and optimized the interface.
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 2.97.0
Fixed display of messages on iOS and Android devices.
Improved the functionality of the event ribbon.
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 2.96.0
Added the ability to select several messages from the Bank, mark them as read or delete. To enable group selection mode, hold the second message in the list.
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 2.91.2
The section of the Invoice for payment was updated, the possibility of a subscription to the notification of debt in the "CITY" system (Republic of Bashkortostan, Kemerovo region) was implemented
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 2.85.2
Now from Mobile Bank you can go to Viber-chat and solve the questions with the operator.
Also we made more convenient transfers between clients.

Use the Mobile Bank URALSIB, share impressions and suggestions - mbank@uralsib.ru
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 2.80.0
Now in the Mobile Bank you can connect to the loyalty program "URALSIB | Bonus "and receive points for purchases. Accumulated points will be reflected on the main page.
1. In the "Portfolio" section, select the card to which you want to connect the program.
2. In the "Service Management" section, click "Connect" and confirm the e-mail.
3. To exchange points, click on the line with scores.

Use the Mobile Bank URALSIB, share impressions and suggestions - mbank@uralsib.ru.
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 2.73.5
Our Mobile Bank is becoming more and more functional and convenient! In the new version you can use two new services:
* Replenishment of cards through an individual page. Now, to replenish your card, the sender does not need to know its number, just a link to the refill page, which you can find in the "Replenishment page" of the map properties.
Autopayment. Easily create an auto payment when performing an operation and from the details of a perfect operation.
And do not forget to share with us your impressions.
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 2.71.2
Thank you for sharing your opinion on URALSIB Mobile Bank! In the new version we took into account your most frequent wishes: 1) simplified the registration process: instead of passport data enough phone number and URALSIB Bank card; 2) added the ability to order resending SMS, if the previous did not reach. As you can see, we hear you - and are always ready to change for the better! Share your impressions and suggestions with us at any time: mbank@uralsib.ru.
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 2.61.6
New opportunities for Mobile Banking Now you can without a visit to the Bank: Apply for a new card or release an additional one, or reissue a card How to order 1. Log in to Mobile Banking 2. On the main page, select the "Maps" section 3. Click on "Order a card" 4. Select the type of card (debit or credit card) 5. Fill in the form Are there any questions or suggestions about the work of the mobile bank? Write to mbank@uralsib.ru. Your opinion is important to us!
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 2.54.2
In the new version: · Transfers from the card to the card have become more convenient: you can save the name of the cards, and after entering the application select your card (URALSIB, tied to the account) and do not enter its details; · Login by PIN (five-digit code) or fingerprint can be connected right after authorization. The action must be confirmed with a password from the Mobile Bank. · When the operation is confirmed, the form will scroll to the password input field. Share your suggestions: mbank@uralsib.ru
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 2.45.2
We take care of your peace of mind, so we made Mobile bank is even safer. Update your device to version 2.45.2, to move to a new level of reliability of online operations.
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 2.45.0
In the new version we made: budget control - a visual analysis of spending on cards in different categories; convenient payment of receipts - without entering requisites, by bar-code; management SMS-service - the ability to connect and disconnect SMS-informing about operations on the card; connection to the loyalty program Compliment - now you can connect the "Compliment" without visiting the office. Use the Mobile Bank, test new features, share your impressions and suggestions: mbank@uralsib.ru
New in ru.bankuralsib.mb.android 2.33.0
In the new version new functions are available: 1. Independent registration at the Mobile Bank. To do this, you will need a URALSIB card, a phone number registered with the Bank, a series and a passport number. 2. Subscription to fines of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate - according to STS or DU. 3. Receiving personal loan proposals. Early repayment of the loan is also available. There were questions or suggestions - write to mbank@uralsib.ru and we will make our list of improvements. Stay tuned for updates - there is much to see!
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